Friday, 4 June 2010

Packaging perfection

Think of the Isle of Skye and what comes to mind?  Eagles perhaps. Otters probably. Though I had plenty of the former and none of the latter during my week's holiday fiddling about on the Island, perhaps the most intriguing thing that the week produced was a tad less glamorous.  Actually, there is a link, in that it was my eagle-eyed mate that spotted it.  It could be a seed maybe, or perhaps a rabbit dropping?

It is, in fact, a beetle.  The most intriguing part is underneath where all the legs and various other sticky-out beetle bits are retracted into precisely shaped slots in the body creating a featureless shape.

Byrrhus pilula - the perfect fold-away beetle.


  1. Amazing - I've often seen click beetles and weevils play possum like that but this beastie has perfected the art.

  2. Great post, its the little things wot get ya! Linda