Monday, 21 June 2010

The mighty maggot

Warning: don't read this while eating your dinner.

Long ago, in an inexplicable poetic moment of youth, and clearly after a lot of deep thought, I penned the following .

We would sink
Beneath stuff that stinks
If it wasn't for the maggot.

I know - its pathetic really but it popped into my head out of nowhere at the weekend and has prompted me to spring back to blogging life after a 3 week hiatus.  Let me explain.

On 23rd March this year I came upon a dead adult grey seal on the Northumberland coast. It was pretty much intact and odourless.  On Sunday I walked passed the same spot and looked for it again.  A high tide had swept it further up the shore but there it was, or at least what was left of it and what was left of it was not a lot.   A huge beast reduced to a flat piece of skin, a few bones and a stain on the grass within less than three months. 

Impressive, and those wonders of decomposition were still at it, working away on the last remants.

So, dear readers, raise a the baby blowfly. Cheers.

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