Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Balearic ballerina

Ah well, that's the holiday over for this year. For a lad who was never let out of doors without a string vest on, I struggled with the Majorcan temperatures of 30C and, as the sun beat down on my ever-widening parting, I yearned for a really miserable sea fret. My idea of holiday hell is sitting on a crowded Med beach, rubbing in gritty suntan lotion and slowly rotating all day.  So, the compromise we arrived at whereby I dropped the family at the beach then took off for an hour or two's exploration was just the job.  Luckily, we were not far from the nature reserve of S'Albufera and I managed a couple of afternoon sessions there. So here is a little piece of  Majorcan elegance.. and its nothing to do with the bodies on the beach.

I watched this one do a black-winged stilt-walk for a while, delicately picking off bits and pieces from the water surface, and then it looked up and posed a half decent arabesque - without falling over.

Really, those legs are ridiculous. But not half as much as some you see on the beach.


  1. I totally agree, it's much more fun to check out the local wildlife than it is to sit and roast on a beach with hundreds of other people. Very cool images.

  2. Hi Holly and thanks for your comment. Glad to find someone who can also think of better things to do. Enjoyed your post on humming birds by the way - so far removed from life in northern England!