Sunday, 3 January 2010

Pigeon turns into Sparrowhawk - pure magic

In my last post I made passing reference to the day a sparrowhawk ate its way through a pigeon in our back garden.  What I didn't mention was the hours I spent rummaging through my digital photos failing to find the pictures I knew I had.  Well, today I found them, in a cardboard box - prints from the last days of film.

So after all that, I decided to share a couple of blurry scans of only half decent originals snatched through window glass.

And the pigeon?  Not a lot left I'm afraid!

Not bad for urban Newcastle - especially as I can remember the bad old days when sparrowhawks were a rare sight indeed.  How things have improved since then.


  1. Amazing! What a sight..... I imagine sparrowhawks are finding easy pickings from small birds visiting bird tables during the current cold spell....

  2. Yes, it was a terrific thing to watch so close to the house. Curiously though, I haven't seen any sparrowhawk activity at the bird table during this cold spell. Maybe they are happily picking off the migrant thrushes that seem to be around everywhere at the moment.