Saturday, 23 January 2010

A challenge for Ben and Katie

My nephew Ben, who is 7, asked me a tricky question in his comment on my post on rabbit urine.  He wanted to know how I knew it was rabbit's.  Good one!  I explained that the only tracks in the snow around and about were rabbit's and promised to post a photo of some rabbit tracks. So here it is Ben.  See if you and Katie can work out how many rabbits, which prints were made with their front feet and which with their back feet and which way they were going.


  1. We think it was 2 rabbits walking towards the camera.The one at the back that are side by side are the back feet.The other to one in front of the other are the front feet.

    from Ben and Katie

  2. Pretty good effort. You're right except for one thing - they are moving away from the camera! The two front legs go down first then the back legs hop forward and land on the ground in front of the prints made by the front feet.