Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A bad case of lungwort

This post links to a piece on Stuart Dunlop's Donegal Wildlife blog about the lungwort. The first time I ever really noticed this impressive lichen was on the west coast of Scotland in May this year.  Mistakenly I had the idea that there was just one 'lungwort' and so didn't check it out properly. From Stuart's post, I see that there are at least two species - which leaves me wondering which one I was looking at. I'm hoping that Stuart, or indeed anyone else, can help me out here.


  1. Looks fine for Lobaria pulmonaria to me, with all those surface veins and indentations. Nice to see the brown fruit-bodies, too. (Those are purely fungal and eject only fungal spores. Those spores need to fortuitously end up next to the correct alga for the spore to start a new viable specimen.)

  2. Thanks very much Stuart. All in all its a most peculiar arrangement but its win-win-win I guess - for the fungus, the alga and the tree.