Thursday, 24 September 2009

Araneus rearviewensis

Have you got spiders in your wing mirrors? I have - one in each and always have done.
This set me thinking. There are 34.2 million vehicles on UK roads (and they are all in my way when I am trying to get to work). That makes over 68 million wing mirrors. Now, even if only half have spiders, that is still a lot of spiders. I googled 'spiders in wing mirrors' and was amazed at the number of 'how can I get rid of them please' pleas. All over the land people are trying to blast them out with hose pipes and jet washers, suck them out with their dysons and exterminate them with a full range of chemical weapons.

Trying to identify the species is a frustrating business. Every time I look they remain steadfastly hidden. The only time I see them is when I'm on the move. Last time was at 57 mph - photography not recommended.

I think we need a wing mirror spider survey. Do you know what you've got in yours?


  1. Hi Allan,

    Thanks for the introduction to Becton Bunny. Ivy bees are popping out all over.

    We've got seashells rattling about in our rearview mirrors and I think those travelling in the rear seats know who put them there.

  2. Nice one! There's no tellin what you might find in your wing mirrors.(Sorry....)