Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Humble Harebell

The harebell is a beautiful flower, in my humble opinion, and I look forward to its appearance each year. There is no finer place to see it than on top of the walls of Lindisfarne castle with the Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve as the backdrop and the Cheviot hills in the distance. Delicate in form and colour it may be but it has to be tough as old boots to survive here.

Swing round to the left a bit and you can change the backdrop to the distant Farne Islands.
Either way, its high on my list of favourite summer flowers.


  1. I'll second that! The look wonderful along the coast between Embleton and Dunstanburgh Castle too............

  2. I agree too Allan, they're beautiul aren't they. We spent a few days up on the coast last week & encountered some lovely patches of Harebell amongst the dunes between Seahouses & Bamburgh and also down at Warkworth too. Lovely! Linda