Friday, 24 July 2009

Needles and Threads

Walking through a very soggy coniferous woodland on Rosebrough Moor between Alnwick and Belford after a serious drenching in fine but heavy rain, I was intrigued at the number of single needles dangling on single threads of silk. The photos aren't great due to limitations in both my skill and my camera but you get the point. I have noticed this before but on this ocassion the fine water droplets made them more visible and they were all over the place. It looked as if the needle was being deliberately used to weight down the thread - plantation plumb lines - and so I wonder if this is a precursor to web construction.

I could find no evidence of the engineers responsible for this. Can anyone shed any light on the culprit?


  1. Sorry can't help with a solution but it a very interesting puzzle.

  2. I read somewhere recently about something similar and it was a moth rather than a spider, I just can't remember where I read it, sorry.

  3. Hi Alan. Yes I fancy it is a moth caterpillar too but I'm blowed if I can find out which one. If your memory suddenly clicks into gear let me know!