Monday, 8 June 2009

Secretive and rarely seen......

So, what is this mystery beast snaffling sultanas and squares of bread and jam from the picnic table right outside the front door of the place I've just stayed on the Scottish coast?

The 'shy, secretive and rarely seen' pine marten, just like it says in the books.

It came for several nights then mysteriously disappeared. We later discovered that the people in the next cottage along started putting out bread and jam, bread and peanut butter, sultanas and....fruit cake. So no the wonder we never saw it again.

Seeing this animal up close was a great experience. They are wonderfully attractive. The low-light pictures just don't pick up the rich colour of the coat and the lovely complementary buff colour of the throat and neck.

And the piece of aluminium foil? Well that was where we spread out the jam of course.

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